The Australian based daughter of the Bulawayo man who died of Coronavirus has revealed that the doctors who were treating him did not wear masks.

She is now afraid that many other people are being exposed at the old age home where he lived.

Here is the timeline of Ian Hyslop’s illness till he died

Mar 14-16 : Hyslop was at Ganda Lodge in Hwange which is frequented by tourists

Mar 21: Hyslop was visited by a friend from United Kingdom

Mar 24: Hyslop was feeling quite ill, he spent the day stocking up food, medicines and paying bills

Mar 25: Hyslop daughter Glenda booked for a doctor’s appointment for her father after he said that he was suffering from troublesome flu symptoms (cough, sore throat and a slight temperature).
The doctor checked him and said he had a bit of bronchitis and his throat was okay.
He was prescribed Ciprofloxacin(a bacterial antibiotic).

Mar 27: Hyslop responded to his daughter’s email, Sharon saying he was feeling okay, no fever, or high temperature and the doctor cleared him as okay.
Two hours later he sent an email to Sharon asking about COVID-19 symptoms and what was the doctor looking for when he examined his throat.

Mar 28: Hyslop sent Sharon an email asking how do they test a person for COVID-19.
He later sent another email saying he did not see any swab in Zimbabwe, maybe in government hospitals.

Mar 30: Sharon phoned her father after she did not hear from him. He sounded very breathless and he said he needed a nebuliser (a machine used to change liquid medication into a vapor that you can inhale through a face mask or mouthpiece.

Mar 30: Sharon had to call a friend to speak to chairwoman Of Qalisa Retirement Village to express her concern. The chairwoman replied later on and said Hyslop was fine.

Mar 31: Hyslop sent Sharon an email saying that he had stayed in bed all day the previous day.
He said he went to see a woman doctor who lives in the village and he was given tablets.
He said he was getting a touch of pneumonia and he was not allowed to go out of Qalisa to see a doctor.
Sharon forwarded her father’s condition to her friend who forwarded to the chairwoman who took the resident doctor to see Hyslop.
The resident doctor said Hyslop had a bronchile infection and his temperature was down,she said he was on an antibiotic and should recover in a few more days.

Apr 1: Hyslop sent Sharon an email saying he wished he was in Australia for the medical.
He said he was given paracetamol but he was not improving, he was losing weight, no real appetite, tired and was spending more time in bed.

Apr 2: Sharon got the email communication from her father saying that he was in bed all day and was found later. Hyslop was admitted at Mater Dei Hospital.
Glenda later that day informed Sharon that their father was struggling to breathe, confused, his blood pressure was low and he had diarrhoea.
The resident doctor removed Hyslop from Qalisa at 10am to be admitted at Mater Dei without informing his next of kin.

Apr 3: At 10am, Glenda found her father a bit worse. Doctor advised specialists physician was going around lunch.
Later the physician moved Hyslop to ICU as he had pneumonia after reviewing x-rays, and was ordering full blood count tests.

Apr 4: Glenda was permitted to see Hyslop in the ICU. He was placed in a fully glassed cubicle, but was not permitted to enter.
Hyslop passed away late in the afternoon before he was done the Covid-19 test.

April 7: Hyslop test result came back and he said had tested positive to COVID-19 and was the second per person to die from COVID-19 and he was patient number 11 in Zimbabwe.