Dr Ian Ndlovu of Divine Kingdom Ministries gave a series of prophecies about a lion which may be Zimbabwe’s third leader.

He said the lion is symbolic to a person who will be a saving grace for the country.

The man of God said, the lion whose identity has not been revealed will replace the Eagle (Zimbabwe’s main opposition leader) after Leviathan (ED Mnangagwa), Leopard(Chiwenga) and Behemoth(Kembo) are faced out.

In 2019, Dr Ndlovu said the stage for the lion will be clearly set according to the spirit of God.

He added that God will use the lion and those associated with it to replace the trio that will be faced out one after the other marking new beginnings for Zimbabwe.

He said , this will only happen when the Eagle misses its time of visitation , the door which will be opened by God.