ED Mnangagwa Will Not Extend The Lockdown Like Cyril Ramaphosa- Dr Clarence

Dr Clarence says ED Mnangagwa might not extend the lockdown in Zimbabwe as it is posing as a threat to the economy and the masses.

According to specialists in an interview with Skynews, Covid-19 is less deadly than seasonal influenza considering that people who are affected do not consist of the elderly and the vulnerable.

The specialist said the elderly and the vulnerable with underlying conditions have to be protected from contracting the virus, however someone normal without an underlying conditions can fight Covid-19.

Dr Clarence said with the above assertion Mnangagwa might not extend the lockdown to save both lives and the economy.

A number of domestic violence cases have been recorded since the beginning of the 21-day lockdown.

A wife in Bulawayo axed her husband over television channels while a 25-year old man committed suicide following a misunderstanding with his wife.

The extension of the lockdown in country with large informal economies, including poor governance and low tax revenues will eventually mark the demise of Mnangagwa.

Many people in Zimbabwe are facing food insecurities and continued loss of income will worsen the situation if the lockdown is extended.

Sweden has implemented the head immunity which targets mainly the vulnerable groups and the elderly. The method is said to protect the economy from crumbling.