Apostle Chiwenga is back on the government’s neck again , he has shown dissatisfaction on the lockdown order that was given by ED Mnangagwa.

Chiwenga says the orders were given vice versa,it should have been the church advising the government because the government does not hear from God.

He said it came as a surprise and shock to him that the church was being given orders By state when the government must have consulted him.

Chiwenga said he does not need a letter from any police station ordering him to stop services because when God wants to communicate to Zimbabwe God does not speak to Mnangagwa but will speak to Apostle Chiwenga whether Mnangagwa likes it or not.

He added on to say the people that the government heads do not belong to them but they belong to God.

The man of God expressed his concern on how the government conducts its duties. He said the manner in which all this was done was in complete disregard of the church and he was not happy.