Democracy Restoration Party President, Brian Mubvumbi, spoke exclusively to Pardon Gambakwe regarding his vision for Zimbabwe.

Mubvumbi, a former MDC candidate for Mabvuku, says DRP was formed in 2011 after realizing that there is no future in the MDC.

Mubvumbi said he travelled across Zimbabwe and observed the deep suffering of ordinary Zimbabweans.

He says the way MDC is operating is like someone who has built 99% of a bridge, cars will still not be able to cross across that bridge. That 1% which is missing is what is needed to bring change in Zimbabwe.

Mubvumbi says the biggest mistake the MDC has made is to fail to convince the Army to stand with the people. Hence Zimbabweans have been beaten up by soldiers when they tried to demonstrate.

Mubvumbi also said the MDC has failed to explain to Zimbabweans the purpose of demonstrations. Hence people do not understand why they have to go out. He said it is necessary to carry out a sustained program against ED Mnangagwa’s government until everyone in the system resigns.

Mubvumbi said without the support of the military, no change will ever come to Zimbabwe. Therefore, he has been working tirelessly on this effort. He says the Zimbabwe military and police all hate ZANU-PF. Most are willing to stand with the people because they are also suffering:

On elections, Mubvumbi says he pulled out of the 2018 elections after observing that there were no reforms. He says having elections in 2023 will be a waste of time. Therefore something needs to be done now.

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