UK-based Zimbabwean woman dies from Covid-19.

RUTENDO Mukotsanjera, who was based in the UK, has died after succumbing to Covid-19.

Rutendo was cousin to musician Cindy Munyavi.

Posting the sad news, musician Cindy Munyavi said: “Thank you for your prayers,unfortunately my cousin Rutendo Mukotsanjera didn’t make it.

“She was an amazing person. COVID-19 is such a harsh reality and it takes losing a loved one for one to realise what a monster it is. Please stay at home, for your sake and others.”

Rutendo had been admitted to an Intensive Care Unit at a medical facility in the UK.

She is survived by her daughter, Chichi, aged 12.

Award-winning journalist Hopewell Chin’ono took to social media to mourn Rutendo who was a friend to his niece.

“It is painful to lose such a young woman with two young kids, someone who had a whole life ahead of her. One minute her friends and family were praying for her as she battle for her life on a ventilator, the next minute she was gone.”

Moreover, Chinono said many people will not find proper closure because of the nature of how the burials are conducted.

“Sadly we will lose more of our people because they are on the forefront of fighting this invisible enemy as it has come to be characterised. It is difficult for the relatives back home because of the nature of Covid-19 funerals, many will not get the proper closure needed in our culture.”