MOVEMENT for Democratic Change Alliance Vice President Welshman Ncube has neglected the people of Matebeleland who helped him to be successful politically.

In an audio circulating on social media, A man is heard condemning Proffessor Ncube for forgetting his people after being appointed to the Vice President post.

He added that Professor should stop wasting time defending Chamisa on the Supreme court judgement which made Thokozani Khuphe the legitimate leader instead he should focus on his people.

He hinted that when Matebeleland people needed help, no one was willing to defend them, potential helpers turned their backs.

The man goes to say that Ncube might be a ZANU PF project and a CIO adding that he sold the party to ZANU PF following his land and cattle acquisition.

In 2008 and 2013 Welshman refused to unite with Tsvangirai which was their only chance to topple ZANU PF because together they had the numbers.

Last year at the Gweru congress, Matebeleland province was shut out by MDC Alliance because they had not joined other party branches.

Welshman has since then been advised to have a strong province, he has dismissed the advice saying people should accept defeat and join party branches.

The question which remains is,”How will we join if the structures don’t want us to join?” asked the man.