Nelson Chamisa appears to be losing control at the MDC as Douglas Mwonzora appears to be firmly taking control as Secretary General.

Last night, Mwonzora appeared on Techmag TV for 2 and a half hours and addressed a number of important issues.

While Chamisa ‘s supporters have came out aggressively and arrogantly, Mwonzora was calm and collected and made his arguments based on democratic and sound legal principles.

Watching Mwonzora speaking, it is clear he understands the constitution of the MDC and can successfully organise the Extraordinary Congress

Here are some of the key points made by Mwonzora last night:

1. MPs and Councilors who follow Chamisa into MDC Alliance will lose their parliamentary seats as the MDC does not have MPs and Councillors.
2. The MDC National Council can call for the extra ordinary congress without a Quorum
3. Tendai Biti and Welshman Ncube are no longer part of the MDC
4. The Majority of NEC members from 2018 are still available
5. Mwonzora has locked Harvest House to prevent unnecessary movements during Coronavirus. However, no one will be thrown out of Harvest House.
6. MDC must follow its own constitution and must comply with the supreme court ruling.
7. Chamisa must deal with the legitimacy question before he can accuse ED Mnangagwa of illegitimacy.
8. Not agreeing with Chamisa does not mean one is a sell out.
9. Mwonzora is not doing this for a position.
10. Komichi was the Chief Elections Officer for Tsvangirai and even Chamisa and spent almost 6 months in jail after the 2008 elections.

In Conclusion

1. Mwonzora has successfully demonstrated his democratic credentials.
2. Mwonzora has called out Nelson Chamisa, Tendai Biti and Welshman Ncube for failing to live the values of the MDC
3. Many MPs and Councilors are likely to think twice before speaking.

A lot of issues are going to come up within the next few months, especially regarding the handling of party funds.

Chamisa might end up being unable to command the support of the majority of the delegates.

Tomorrow, I want to continue on this topic.