5G network is a danger for life and physical integrity. It means a gigantic quantum leap and is the most serious intervention mankind has ever made in nature in the entire history of humanity.

The established media are highly euphoric in their reporting of the new generation of mobile radio communications 5G.

Germany is said to be underdeveloped concerning seamless mobile phone coverage. As an important business location it would need seamless network coverage.

Dead spots are no longer allowed to exist. 5G is said to now allow autonomous driving, to inform us automatically when the milk bottle is empty, and that it would be existentially necessary for our future.

In order to install a nationwide 5G network in Germany, about 800,000 new transmitters are needed.

5G means such a massive infrastructural upgrade as has never been seen before. For 5G in urban areas, the providers have to install a strongly radiating mobile communications antenna every 100 meters or so.

For 5G to have sufficient penetration depth despite the short wave radiation, it takes up to a 1000 fold increase in transmission power. So 5G has two fold consequences which includes Microwave antennas present everywhere and Dramatic increase in the radiation intensity.

This exponential increase of forced irradiation of the entire population is an irresponsible experiment on human health.

In 2011, the WHO classified mobile communications in category 2B of cancer causing substances, thus as “potentially carcinogenic”. Based on recent scientific studies, reputable scientists are demanding its classification in category 1 namely as “cancer causing”.

How dangerous 5G technology can be, became apparent at the end of October 2018 in The Hague Nederlands.

During a 5G test a minimum of 298 healthy birds fell dead from the sky. Eyewitnesses also reported that ducks behaved peculiarly, continuously trying to hold their heads below the water surface.

About one week after the first bird die-off, in the Huijgenspark in The Hague, more than a hundred starlings fell dead from the trees, when once again a 5G test was carried out.

5G represents a considerable hazard for the physical integrity of humans and animals.

5G is a menace for life and for freedom.

Through this worldwide microwave antenna jungle and RFID radio microchips, which are supposed to be implemented into everything it will be possible for everything to be networked with everything, and everything to communicate with one another. It is called the “Internet of Things”.

Tom Wheeler, ex-president of the Federal Communications Commission, (the US authority which rules the communication channels, radio, satellite and cable), said: “Hundreds of billions of microchips, attached to products, from pill bottles to lawn sprinklers. We must forget the idea that the 5G future will be only for urban regions. The 5G revolution will affect every corner of our country! What can be connected, will be connected.”

Likewise, also the PC, microphone, and computer camera are supposed to be connected. And through this a total surveillance system has gained access to our houses.

The 5G network can see through walls and houses leading to a digital control of every person. This surveillance concerns not only one’s own home, but 5G will also allow a full surveillance of the entire landscape, because 5G has mobile networking capabilities.

Every moving spot can be observed. Our homes are meant to become “smart homes” and the cities “smart cities”. Everything is digitally networked by means of microwaves this way we are caught in a net of microwaves which paralyze us spiritually, mentally, and physically.