Dr Ian Ndlovu of Divine Kingdom Baptist Ministries gave a prophetic warning about a move to rebrand people whereby technology will be used to control human beings.

On the 27th of May 2018, Dr Ndlovu revealed the prophecy to his congregants saying a strong supernatural force will shake the whole world, within the next five years there will be an electronic passport.

He said there will be a drive to make the world paperless whereby laws will be enacted which will cause the internet of things to transcend to human beings.

He added that the move had already began in some of the countries.

Sweden’s Biohax International  patented a microchip that can be injected into a human hand and used to carry out financial transactions, unlock doors and access information.

Biohax has now inserted microchips into more than 4,000 people in Sweden and others from across Europe.

Sweden is already almost cashless.

The biochip is especially popular with people who are already interested in such body modifications as tattooing and piercings.