CHAOS As Thokozani Khuphe Can Recall MDC Alliance MPs and Assets – Welshman Ncube

Welshman Ncube admitted that Thokozani Khuphe can recall MDC Alliance MPs and take over their assets.

Speaking to Zenzele Ndebele yesterday, Ncube said if this were to happen, the MDC Alliance will just go to bye elections and win against Khupe.

On the extraordinary congress Ncube said:

– Mushore judgement was upheld
-Timing of the extraordinary congress was altered
– Khupe should hold extraordinary congress within 3 months
– If Khuphe fails then Komichi should hold extraordinary Congress within 4 months

However Ncube said

– The order is a physical impossibility
– Only the National Council can give notice of an extraordinary congress
– If Mwonzora and Komichi want to hold an extraordinary congress they must convene the National Council of the MDC-T as at 2018
– He said they don’t have the numbers, they can not implement the ruling because the members have sworn allegiance to Chamisa.

Chamisa is the president of the MDC Alliance not MDC-T

He explained the following Integration Process which took place between MDC-T, MDC Green and PDP

– After the elections the parties principals forum went back to the NCs of the three parties who drafted resolutions to integrate for MDC-T, MDC Green and PDP seperatly
– The resolutions were valid
– The NC was chaired by Komichi and not Chamisa
– The three parties reached out to the other 4 parties and they were not interested in integration
– Integration process was completed across the province’s
– Congress process was started from district, province and National
– Gweru Congress was born out of integration process
– Within 30 days of an election,we registered with the Ministry of Justice (NOTE: Ncube did not explain who they registered as)
– The MDC-T of Morgan Tsvangirai was swallowed into the other parties.
– The Gweru Congress was the first congress of the MDC-T
– Chamisa had abandoned the MDC-T identity to Khuphe

Power Behind the Application

Ncube said it was always understood that:

– Mwonzora was the secret applicant
– In the High Court Thabani made him the respondent
– Ncube intervened and got Mwonzora removed as an applicant

After the Judgement

– Komichi claimed to be loyal to Chamisa
– He was only being loyal hoping to be Vice President

Implications of the Judgement

– The Judgement is political
– The issues are moot
– The Madamombe case law was superseded by the Ndlovu case
– Its not possible to go back and reconstitute the MDC-T, MDC Green and PDP
– The application was about money
– The real target were the Proportional Representation MPs and Councilors ( 6 Bulawayo and 16 in Harare)
– Ncube said if Khuphe recalls MPs and Councilors there will be by elections and Chamisa side will win
– Chamisa is more popular
– There is no political question it was decided in 2018


– Harvest House is leased by MDC Alliance from a trust
– Khuphe should try and work from Harvest House and see
– Chamisa is entitled to work from there as he is secretary for legal affairs

Way forward for MDC MDC Alliance

– We will never agree to be led by a ZANU PF Project, even for 24 hours
– Anything else is a matter of detail at whatever cost

Lessons Learnt

– Things could have been done differently
– There are problematic legal issues but politics is not about legal issues
– We should not create constitutions that constrain the organisation
– We should not be slaves to legal processes


Welshman Ncube and Tendai Biti are now the key drivers of what happens going forward. If the different factions don’t agree soon, MPs and Councilors will soon be forced to choose sides.