Lovemore Chinoputsa national executive member of the MDC Alliance says the supreme court ruling has ZANU PF footprints and imprints made with the sole intention of degrading Chamisa from his position.

In an interview with 263chat, Chinoputsa said the ruling is a mechanism used by the government to take away the mandate given to Nelson Chamisa during the Gweru congress last year.

ZANU PF cannot stand Chamisa and his power therefore the ruling party is dishing out money to buy members to Khupe’s party In order to steal Chamisa’s title and party bestowed upon him by the people in 2019.

He added that Mwonzora is lying about advising Chamisa to comply with 2018 High court ruling instead he has always been after Chamisa’s position.

Chinoputsa added that MDC A is not affected by the ruling, the supreme court cannot force people to turn away from their leader.

He added that the ruling has presented Chamisa an opportunity to rebrand and bring in fresh young minds into the party.

Chamisa’s brand is bigger than MDC brand therefore he will remain with his people wherever he goes.

Moreover, he added that MDC A came into existence in 2018 as an electoral pact with seven parties, after 2018 elections MDC A was made into a distinct political party.