Zimbabwean Man in Mnangagwa Assassination Threat.

An unnamed Zimbabwean man has threatened to assassinate ED Mnangagwa for failure to lead Zimbabwe like he promised before ascending to power.

In a video circulating on social media, the man carrying two pistols said he will use the guns on Mnangagwa’s head.

“People even your bodyguards will find you dead in your compound. We are highly trained people, trained to Kill”,he said.

The man accused Mnangagwa of releasing 32 Nissan Navara Double Cab vehicles under the Coronavirus taskforce while the health sector is dilapidated and health officials do not have sufficient PPE to fight the pandemic virus.

He warned Mnangagwa to be careful because a big assassination plan is underway.

He added that Chiwenga already has poor health therefore he is not interested in leading Zimbabwe, the only hindrance is Mnangagwa who derseves to die for Zimbabwe to take a new direction.

The man did not identify the group of people he is working with to in the plot to assassinate Mnangagwa but promised ED will die.