Happymore Chidziva deputy organising secretary for Movement of Democratic Change Alliance said the supreme court judgement is meaningless to the party.

Chidziva said MDC A is not a party translated by the courts therefore the 2014 structures are nullified, they cannot be recognised by the party.

He added that the supreme court judgement was influenced by ZANU PF to topple their main opposition, Nelson Chamisa the leader of the people.

Chidziva added that Morgan Komichi has always been power hungry to the extent of seeking Nyangas and Prophets to try ascend to power therefore the act by the two senior party members does not come as a surprise.

He said, Komichi and Mwonzora have been recalled from the party for disregarding the party’s constitution.

He denied that Nelson Chamisa has been captured by the G40 members, he said MDC A is a stable party which has never been infiltrated by any outsiders.

Chidziva has vowed to rally behind Chamisa, adding that MDC A should not be threatened by ZANU PF’s aim to destroy the young generation which hold the future for Zimbabwe.