In his first public reaction to the Supreme Court ruling, Tinashe Jonas of Ideal Zimbabwe, has said that the opposition is dead in Zimbabwe.

Jonas said Zimbabweans are on their own as there is now no opposition as the MDC has moved from its Labour, pro poor roots and is now all about positions.

Jonas said both Chamisa and Khuphe have been captured by ZANU PF, with Khuphe on the ED Mnangagwa side and Nelson Chamisa on Grace Mugabe and the G40 side.

Jonas said that although the judiciary in Zimbabwe is captured, the ruling against Chamisa was correct as he did not follow theĀ  MDC Constitution when he assumed Power after the death of Morgan Tsvangirai.

Jonas said both MDC factions should continue working seperatly because it will be difficult for them to take instructions from different ZANU PF Factions whilst working together.