The first day after the Supreme Court ruling was characterized by a huge amount of advise directed from Nelson Chamisa both internally and externally.

This was to be expected given the high interest in the case and the implications of the ruling.

Most of the statements made were in support of Chamisa, with the first statements coming from Tendai Biti who indicated that the ruling had no effect to the MDC Alliance.

Similarly there were reactions from popular MDC opinion leaders like Vuka Zimbabwe, Shepherd Yuda and others, who all were of the opinion that Nelson Chamisa Should go it alone. 

There were also comments and opinions from external sources, people who are not within MDC.

External leaders who commented on the ruling including Joice Mujuru, Noah Manyika and Jonathan Moyo.

The majority of the people advised Chamisa to go it alone as he was more popular and did not need anyone.

However, a look at some of the people urging Nelson Chamisa to take this route include some fake accounts, such as the Joice Mujuru account, which was hijacked and is being used by unknown people.

Jonathan Moyo was also very vocal tweeting furiously through the day against MDC leaders Mwonzora, Khuphe and Komichi.

On his part, Nelson Chamisa did not as yet publicly commented on the ruling. This is a sign of good leader as he is giving himself time to consider everything before he makes a comment.

My view is that many people are focusing internally and are not seeing the bigger picture of the 2023 elections.

If Nelson Chamisa makes a mistake now he will not be able to recover in time to win the elections.

My experience with past elections has made me realise that Zimbabwe opposition is failing to win elections is because they are divided.

Everyone is trying to tell Nelson Chamisa that he is able to go it alone. However, it is clear from historical data that the opposition can not win an election without being united.


I would like to conclude by saying that the Supreme Court ruling is not a bad ruling for the MDC. It presents Chamisa with an opportunity to unite the opposition and therefore win the 2023 elections.

The question is whether Nelson Chamisa will be prepared to differ with all the advise that he is getting and excersize true leadership.

True leadership will require him to set a different direction to that which the MDC has been over the past 20 years!