Dr Clarence of TV7 live says the outbreak of the Coronavirus in Africa may be the end of the continent as the the Chinese and other superpowers have already found their way to manipulate African leaders.

He said the African leadership will not be able to resist the superpowers as they require their help in everything including fighting the coronavirus.

The pandemic is meant to destroy Africa’s economy just like how the Tuskegee Syphilis and HIV and AIDS where experiments tested on poor Africans.

Clarence added that the white imperialist’s vision for 2030 was to wipe out all Africans, this saw to the introduction of the depo-provera meant to stop produced of African women.

With the dilapidated health system of most African countries it will be difficult to fight the Coranavirus without the help of nations China, America and United Kingdom which make part of the security council.

After introducing the virus, China is now making money through selling Personal Protective Equipment and test kits which are malfunctioning to the Africans.

Furthermore the African countries will not afford liberty at the hands of the Chinese because the cannot survive on their own without the help of the superpowers.

Clarence said Covid-19 may be an Agenda by the Superpowers which the Africans will not be able to conquer on their own.

The security forces in some African countries have started inflicting violence on civilians instead of protecting them from the pandemic