Leader of the opposition party MDC A has been removed from presidency after the supreme court ruled in favor of Thokozani Khuphe on Tuesday.

The supreme court ruled that  Chamisa’s ascension to the helm of the party was fundamentally flawed by gross constitutional irregularities.

Chamisa has edited his Twitter account removing the title MDC President from his biography which can be interpreted as a way of accepting defeat by many.

Clarence said MDC A risks losing almost everything, the Morgan Tsvangirai house also known as Harvest house belongs to the MDC T thus Biti was blocked from using the offices to address the media on Tuesday.

In 2019, khuphe partnered with the government in an attempt to steal $1,8 million entitled to MDC A through the Political Finance Act.

Clarence added that the reasons for Khuphe who cannot win elections to insist on fighting Chamisa are not because of political will but she is after the money.

Chamisa is facing disqualification of the breach of conduct by candidate which will see him not contesting in the coming elections as a penalty.

Clarence said  Chamisa should do a  counter claim of fraud to fight Khuphe. However it is still not known if Chamisa will manage to retain the Harvest house and the MDC T funds he used.