Gambakwe Media can exclusively reveal that secret negotiations between Nelson Chamisa and Dr Thokozani Khuphe representatives started almost 2 months ago.

The first meeting was held in Johannesburg between the MDC Alliance Chairman for South Africa, Trust Ndlovu and the Spokesman for Dr Thokozani Khuphe, Khaliphani Phugeni. Also present was Bukhosi Sibanda, a legal advisor in MDC South Africa.

This first meeting was held at the MDC Offices in Braamfonentin and lasted for over 2 hours.

It was broadly agreed by both sides that the opposition can not win in 2023 without unity.

It was agreed that going forward, both sides will engage with a final meeting of the principals being held to kick off the formal discussions or negotiations on how to proceed.

Yesterday’s the Supreme Court ruling that Nelson Chamisa was not the legitimate President of the MDC should therefore be looked at in the context of constructing a united front to win the 2023 Elections.

This ruling was widely expected.

While this is a bitter pill for Chamisa and his supporters to swallow, there are political and legal implications of not obeying the court order.

Chamisa should therefore obey the court order and prepare for congress.

The loss of Biti, Hwende, Sikhala is only temporary as they can bounce back under other arrangments following the negotiations between the different parties.

Any attempt to break up the party now will result in a loss in 2023.

Chamisa should therefore take it on the chin and wait for the drama to play out. Chamisa will eventually win at congress and benefit from leading the United MDC.


The current Supreme court ruling should be seen as an opportunity to unite the MDC. This is time for Chamisa to show his leadership and being everyone together under one tent.

Everyone will have to give and take!