Pastor Ian Ndlovu saw this in a vision, three times. The deadly corona virus effects will go to the worst than expected.

He saw one of the most prominent Preachers being turned into a spiritualist. Dr Ian Ndlovu said he saw this man of God carrying some roots of herbs and also carrying the Bible at the same time.

Introduction of herbs in the church of this prominent preacher will be very gradual until people are soaked into the system. Though these treatments may be proven what the congregants are not aware about is that these solutions are being whispered to this man of God by an occultic spirit.

Dr Ian Ndlovu said this temptation once befell this man of God in the past but this time that is coming he man not succeed.

Its more worrying to hear that this man of God will carry with him millions of unexpected congregants into an occult because he is of the most popular man of God in Africa and beyond.