Spotlight Zimbabwe reports that General Chiwenga’s travels to China are not genuine medical review trips but opportunities for him to finalise his takeover plans in ZImbabwe.

According to defence ministry senior officials, Chiwenga’s up and down trips to China, have more to do with a “special defence pact” between Zimbabwe and China, than the former Zimbabwe Defence Forces (ZDF) Commander’s health concerns and routine checkups.

Defence officials privy to the matter this week, confirmed that Chiwenga was in China to sign a special defence pact, without giving more details pertaining to the military entente.

Details of the Defence Pact

China’s intention to formalise the opening of an official military base in Zimbabwe’s Manicaland area, as part of the pact’s provisions including the funding and training of the country’s new special forces to be based in Kariba.

Biggest Concerns About Chiwenga Presidency

1. General Chiwenga is travelling alone, he is unlikely to get the best deal for Zimbabwe. The pacts that are signed could likely benefit China in a one sided manner. Is General Chiwenga a good negotiator or the Chinese just get everything that they demand?
2. Under Chiwenga, Zimbabwe is likely to be more autocratic. Chiwenga is not known for being democratic as shown during the Doctors Strike when he fired all Doctors in Zimbabwe claming that they are easily replacable.
4. If Chiwenga was to assume office, it is likely that he will leave all the current oppresive systems in place and will not go for the favoured route of an NTA.