Gambakwe Media sources have revealed that ED Mnangagwa has failed to cause the arrest of General Chiwenga backed Frank Buyanga after interventions made by General Chiwenga to block Harare police.

Buyanga has reportedly became closer to General Chiwenga after he visited him last month and explained how Mnangagwa and his family were planting false stories about him to divide them.

After the meeting, Buyanga changed lawyers and is now using the same law firm as General Chiwenga: Manase and Manase.

Frank Buyanga launched a brazen daylight armed raid in Harare on the mother of his child where armed men grabbed his child from the mother Chantell Muteswa while she and her mother were loading groceries into her car.

Letter from Buyanga admitting everything

Attempts from police to arrest Buyanga failed. Gambakwe Media sourced provided a letter which Buyanga wrote to police where he informed them that he had reclaimed his child.

Gambakwe Media sources have also reveled that Mnangagwa has increased security around his family in recent month as the factional fighting between himself and General Chiwenga has intensified.

Buyanga is a South African based Zimbabwean Billionaire who travels on an almost daily basis between Zimbabwe and South Africa.

Buyanga’s Business

Buyanga has vast interests in property and financial services sector. He was brought up and educated in the UK and is seriously connected with Zimbabwe Billionaires who are in the Chiwenga camp.

Last month, Buyanga was photographed in General Chiwenga’s office together with a group of “investors”.

Buyanga has openly clashed with the Mnangagwa family after he accused  the mother of his child,Chantelle of dating one of Mnangagwa’ s married sons. He has stated this as a fact in his court papers relating to his child custody battles with Chantelle.

Addressing a press conference yesterday, Chantell denied being in a relationship with any of Mnangagwa’s sons and said she has never met Auxillia Mnangagwa.

Tomorrow, I will continue with more details on the current state of the relatioship between General Chiwenga and ED Mnangagwa.