A Johannesburg based Zimbabwean Woman, Chiratidzo, has sensationally claimed that she was infected with HIV by Zimbabwe Minister of state Larry Mavhima, who she had an affair with in 2002.

Chiratidzo claims she lest Zimbabwe after three hitman were sent to her mother ‘s Avondale home to kill her. The hitman were reportedly sent by Rose Mavhima, the wife of Larry Mavhima, who had heard about the affairs and the new baby.

However, the affair did not end there as Larry followed Chiratidzo to South Africa where he continued the affair.

Chiratidzo said the last time she slept with Larry was in 2014, after which she found out that his girlfriend, Stella had died of HIV. Chiratidzo says she believes Larry infected her from his affair with Stella.

A ceremony was held in 2019 where Larry took over the child and paid some beasts to the family of Chiratidzo, and promised to compensate Chiratidzo for disregarding the child.

However, Larry has failed to pay up as promised.

Chiratidzo claims Mavhima is now refusing to take independent DNA tests in South for Africa for the 17 year old daughter who was born in September 2002 out of the Adulterous relationship.

Mavhima is reportedly spending his money on his new girlfriend, Itai Dlamini, who owns a company called Back to Basics Organics, who he paid for a holiday in Dubai IN December.

The voluptuous Itai Dlamini

In 2019, Chiratidzo and Mavhima agreed to have the daughter move to Zimbabwe. This came after Mavhima turned the teenager against her mother and made her report to South African Police that she was being abused.

Mavhima used his influence to fraudulently get a birth certificate for his South African daughter. She was then enrolled into a top private School in Harare.

Larry, Rose Mavhima and Family

However, within a short space of time, she started to call Chiratidzo claiming that Rose Mavhima was abusing her.

Chiratidzo said out of desperation, she called Chiratidzo and said the teenager was not his daughter. This she said she did to get the girl back from Zimbabwe.

In December 2019, the teenage daughter was given 3 days by Zimbabwe authorities to leave Zimbabwe and flew back to South Africa.

Gambakwe Media contacted Rose Mavhima, the wife of Larry Mavhima, who sent her SA Based lawyer to respond on her behalf.

The lawyer said the woman in question is crazy and abusive and does not even talk to her own mother.

He said the woman is free to come to Zimbabwe and take a DNA test at Lancert in Zimbabwe, a demand which she has been refusing.

Lawyer, Advocate Tinomudaishe Chinyoka is reportedly opening up multiple police reports against Chiratidzo and frustrating her efforts to get the matter resolved.

When Gambakwe Media approached Tinomudaishe Chinyoka, he said:

I was not aware that he had a girlfriend, and l do not know why you would think that talking to me instead of him or the alleged girlfriend is the way to go. Besides which, given your propensity for lying (recall your stories about me) l fail to see why you think l would care to talk to you. You are not, after all, a journalist.

When approached for comment, Itayi Dlamini did not respond.