THE Zimbabwe Hospital Doctors Association has clarified the reasons behind the press statement issued on the 22nd of March demanding the implementation of strict measures to protect health professionals

In a media briefing on Thursday, Tawanda Zvakada president of the association said doctors are not on strike but they have withdrawn services temporarily until the government addresses World Health Organisation Protocols to fight the spread of Covid-19.

Dr Mungofa said they will only go back to work when Personal Protective Equipment has been availed.

“Frontline workers have to be well protected. It is the mandate of the government to make sure we are well prepared”.

Healthcare professionals sent two letters to the government demanding the improvement of the health sector, however they have not been replied.

The downing of tools is a call for the government to address the state of confusion in hospitals.

Harare central is currently in lockdown after nurses flee in a bid to protect themselves from covid-19.

Below are measures demanded doctors to guarantee the safety of health officials.

The measures are:

  • Hospitals must scale down to emergency mode with immediate effect
  • Adequate PPE to be availed to all healthcare workers at highest risk
  • Mandatory screening ar all points if entry to include purpose of visit to limit traffic as well as provide adequate distancing of patients and visitors to the health institution
  • Separate entry and exit points for health workers
  • Clean water and sanitisers to be readily accessible throughout the hospitals
  • Patients requiring emergency services to be accompanied by at most one other person
  • Suspension of visiting inpatients to avoid crowding in wards and corridors
  • Specialised trained task force to attend to suspected corona (sic) cases
  • HCW compensation to be discussed in a transparent manner to allay the current fears of health worker.