Recruits at a Secret Support Unit Police training camp in Zimbabwe have expressed fears that they will be wiped out by Coronavirus.

About 350 Recruits are currently undergoing training at Shamva Support unit battle camp. These are the guys who are summoned to deal with demonstrations especially the ones organised by the MDC.

The recruits are being led by Inspector Machaya.

The trainees are at risk from Coronavirus as people are coming from outside are likely to bring the virus.

The kitchen staff, the lecturers from Hebert Chitepo school of ideology , and new members joining the training is a major risk to the lives of the trainees.

Speaking on condition of anonymity, a recruit said there is an urgent need to suspend the training program to save lives.

He pointed out that large gatherings such as independence celebrations were suspended but military training has not been stopped because it’s being done to protect Mnangagwa ‘s interests.

He further said the clinic at the camp. Is ill equipped with no drugs , only paracetamols, BP machine and a thermometer are available at the training battle clinic.

The program is Zanu organized thus why the police can’t stop the training