One of the biggest electronic goods store, Dion Wired is shutting down.

34 Dion Wired closed their doors yesterday, for good! Below is part of the official announcement by Massmart, yesterday. Over 1400 employees have been laid off.

Under pressure Massmart, announced last month that that it has started a consultation process that could end in the closure of as many as 34 Dion Wired and Mass Cash stores, affecting the jobs of 1400 workers.

Secretarian coordinator from South African commercial, catering and Allied workers, Lucas Ramathlodi said that they cannot say it has come as a shock, based on how the company has been behaving of late. He said that they got wind of the announcement when the media started contacting them for their reaction to that and this, in the myth working relationship that is supposed to be cordial should send an indication what type of a monsters they are dealing with.

“I must indicate that there’s no truth in the fact that we are consulting with the company. In fact just about 3 or 4 days ago they sent an email message through Priela Naidoo who is the head of employee Relations in Mass Discounters inviting them to a meeting, “said Ramathlodi.

He added that message was arrogant and instructive, they invited them to a meeting at 8am and they said they trust that we will be in attendance and thanking them in advance.

Ramathlodi said that they have sprung them with a surprise and wants workers to issue them with a notice of the intention to close doors at that point their team refused to be ambushed.

They said they will fight until they get to the bottom of everything.