Dr. Thomas Cowan, M. D. says that Corona Virus maybe history repeating itself caused by 5G.

Cowan said viruses are an excretion of a toxic cells and they are pieces of DNA or RNA with a few of other proteins they bolt out from the cell. They happen when the cell is poisoned, they are not the cause of anything.

He said in 1918 there was a leap in electrification of the earth, there was introduction of radio waves, whenever you expose any biological system to a new electro magnetic field you poison it, you kill some, the rest gets into suspended animation, so they live longer and sicker.

Cowan said, “then started in World War 2 with the next pandemic with the introduction of greater equipment all over the earth blackening the entire earth and raid our fields first time human beings have ever been exposed to that.”

He also said that in 1968 there was the Hong Kong flue and it was the first time the earth had a protective layer which it had a vent alien belt which essentially integrates the cosmic fields from the sun integrates and distributes to the living people and we put satellites eminating radio frequencies in the vent alien belt.

Cowan also said that within 6months we had a new viral pandemic, why viral because the people are poisoned they excrete toxins they look like viruses. People think it’s a flue epidemic, the 1918 Boston health department decided to investigate the contagious of this, so they took hundreds of people with the flue and sucked the snut out of the nose and injected it into the people who had no flue and no one time could it make the person sick.

He said, how did the virus from Kansas get to South Africa in two weeks. So the entire world has got the symptoms at the same time, despite the fact that the mode of transport was boats, horseback. There is no explanation for the virus, they don’t know how that happened.

But when you think about it with these radio waves and other frequencies that people have on their wrists and pockets they can send a signal to Japan and it can arrive instantaneously. So if everyone can believe that there is a magnetic field that communicates globally in seconds.

There has been a dramatic leap in the last 6 months with the electrification of earth, its called 5G.

Wuhan was the first blanketed 5G place.