Vitals Mashayavanhu migrated years back to South Africa searching for greener pastures.

Mashayavanhu had a brother in South Africa who got him a construction job which paid him very little, such that he had to sleep in the streets.

After some time he met a white guy who was doing quantity surveying and he also learned the job practically. Later on the white guy qiut his job and Mashayavanhu took over his job.

In 2012 Mashayavanhu was then transferred near Mozambique border post, where his life changed for the better. He managed to buy himself all that he wanted, including a car.

Mashayavanhu got involved in an accident in 2013 which left him in wheelchair.

On the morning of the accident, Mashayavanhu said he was feeling down, and when he went to attend a party with his friend later in the day, his asked him what was wrong with him. He did not even touch beer on that day, only his friends drank.

On their way back home, one of his friends drived his car, but because the guy was drunk he was overspending such that the which was following them flashed lights to them.

After a short distance the car rammed onto a steel barricade and rolled several time, at the same time throwing Mashayavanhu 50 meters away from the car. Only Mashayavanhu was critical but his friends had no injuries at all.

Mashayavanhu was taken to hospital where he was in ICU for 3 months and he was in a coma for 4 days. He was in hospital for 2 years 5 months where he was done multiple surgeries. Later he was transferred to a rehabilitation center where he was told to be self independent. He was trained on how to move from his wheelchair and do errands for himself.

His friends whom he was with, never visited him in hospital. When he was about to be discharged the staff wanted to meet his relatives so that they tell him about his condition and how to take care of him. One of his relatives who had agreed to take him home and look after him, when he got to the rehab and saw his condition he spoke in front of the staff that he was no longer taking him home because he was going to infect his children.

Mashayavanhu said that he was devasted by what his relative had said such that he tried to commit suicide. After his failed suicide the rehab said they will transfer him to a home.

His parents came to see him. He tried to figure what he could do with his life and he decided to go to church and seek God and he met his wife who has been on his side since the time they met.

Mashayavanhu advised everyone that, everything is possible even after going through a rough time.