Ideal Zimbabwe President, Tinashe Jonas has sensationally claimed that the young children of General Chiwenga were fathered by his bodyguard.

Jonas tweeted this week that the Chiwenga should take his children for DNA tests.

Speaking Exclusively to Gambakwe Media, Jonas said General Chiwenga has never functioned due to various rituals performed during the war of liberation.

Jonas said the rituals involved choosing whether one was to be powerful or functional in bed.

Jonas said General Mujuru was killed because he was sleeping with General Chiwenga ‘s wife.

Pressed to name the bodyguard, Jonas said he would not name the bodyguard now, but will do so soon as wanted to give the bodyguard a chance to run before he exposed his full name and surname.

On whether the bodyguard in question is responsible for the poisoning of General Chiwenga, Jonas said the poisoning is being carried out at the instruction of ED Mnangagwa and it involves Mary Chiwenga and others, but the bodyguard is not the main actor.

Jonas said he has the full name and surname of the bodyguard in question and will name him soon.