Zimbabwe has had three presidents since independence until present day and one of the presidents, the late Robert Mugabe faced an unsuccessful coup attempt in 2007 while the other was in 2017.

The first coup attempt in the Zimbabwe republic was in June 2007 however, it was unsuccessful as the government claimed it had stopped a coup plotted against Mugabe.

The 2007 coup was planned by Albert Matapo, Colonel Ben Ncube, Major General Engelbert Rugeje and air Vice Marshall Elson Moyo.

The plan was to romove Mugabe from office and allow ED Mnangagwa, form new government which would have seen inclusion of the armed forces.

The coup plotters were accused of treason but there was no evidence of committing the crime.

Albert Matapo, Edmund Marara, Patson Mufvure, Nyasha Zivuku, Rangarirai Mazivofa and Webster Mutemachani spent seven years in prison for the alleged crime.

They were released in Chikurubi maximum prison on the 1st of March 2014.

Albert Matapo defended himself, alleging that there was no coup being plotted but it was a new party being formed, he complained about the harsh treatment they faced in prison.

The new political party named United Crusade For Achieving democracy was formed (UCAD).

Some Zimbabweans believe that there was no coup in 2007.

Robert Mugabe who had so many people opposing his rule was asked to stepdown in November 2017.

On the 14th of November the Zimbabwe military sent some armored vehicles to Harare, the soldiers seized the ZBC, the military also arrested the director of Security of the Zimbabwe central intelligence organisation Albert Ngulube

On the 15th of November, the military confronted ministers of the Mugabe administration, many fled including the finance minister, Ignatius Chombo was arrested after an exchange of gunfire at his house.

General Sibusiso Moyo made an announcement on ZBC at 5am saying that the military was only targeting criminals in the government but they were not planning a take over.

On the 18th of November there were large and peaceful demonstrations in the country demanding the resignation of Mugabe.

On the 19th of November Mugabe together with his wife and other G40 members were asked to resign.

Mugabe was accused of allowing his wife to unlawfully use the constitution, gross misconduct and mental and physical incapacity to perform as President.

Mugabe resigned after the members of the parliament and senate decided to impeach him.

Jacob Mudenda presented the speech of resignation by Mugabe to the parliament as an official statement.

The then Vice President ED Mnangagwa was not in the country however the majority of the party nominated him to be president within the next two days until present day.