Witch doctor, sekuru Bhinganjiya from Malawi is a traditional healer who helps those with different life problems.

He helps those who had their relatives killed on purpose by other people, helps those who had their properties stolen from them, helps those with adulterous partners, helps those with marriage problems, helps remove goblins, helps those who are who want to win bets.

Sekuru also said that those who abondon their families, he brings them back a those who commit adultery he locks them.

He said he also helps those who want to get rich but he doesn’t give them things that will want blood from them.

Sekuru said even those who can’t get back their borrowed money, he helps them to get it back.

And not to mention those who commit adultery, he helps them using a knife which reports when one commits adultery.

He said he also helps those who are abroad over the phone.

Sekuru said he is not afraid of haters in his profession , only God and the law of the president.

He advised people that if they have problems, they should seek help immediately.