Zanu PF legislators Marko Raidza and Dexter Nduna disrupted proceedings of the portfolio committee on Public Accounts accusing the chairperson Tendai Biti and his party MDC of refusing to recognize President Emmerson Mnangagwa as the country’s legitimate leader.

The committee was sitting to get explanations from some State-owned enterprises which have not had their books audited for various periods ranging from 2015 to 2019.

Zanu PF legislators Marko Raidza MP for Mberengwa East and Dexter Nduna for Chegutu West disrupted the proceedings insisting that Biti should first tell his party president Nelson Chamisa that Mnangagwa’s legitimacy is not to be questioned.

“My point of order is in connection with our issues regarding this committee, particularly our chairmanship that we have been disputing as Zanu PF comrade members of PAC. We have raised the issue in our previous meeting. You in particular as MDC have refused to recognize our President,” Raidza said.

Biti asked the press and Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission officials to leave the house while they sort out their issues, with the committee reconvening after an hour with Zanu PF legislators to continue with their disruptions.

“No, the issue has nothing to do with ZACC and I would have thought the issue was raised before we had invited our visitors and the press,”

“We were on our own before ZACC came, before the press came. So I’m actually disturbed by the timing of your question. But be that as it may, I will ask comrade Chaibva and your team to excuse us,” Biti said.