OPPOSITION MDC leader Nelson Chamisa on Monday toured Wilkins Hospital in Harare to assess the medical facility’s preparedness to handle the coronavirus outbreak.

Chamisa was accompanied in his tour by Harare Mayor Herbert Gomba.

Addressing the media after the tour, Chamisa said authorities have been tasked to put in place mechanism in public spaces, making sure there are sanitizers and water for people to frequently wash their hands.

He added that people should not be partisan about the pandemic virus, health is beyond politics therefore people should be alert and be prepared.

The opposition leader said Muchinguri’s comments on the Coronavirus coming as a punishment on the Americans were misplaced and were uttered during a “moment of madness”.

He said no politician, no matter what differences their countries had should wish bad for any nation.

“Well am sure very unfortunate, very misplaced and I think it’s something that hopefully she is going to withdraw because I think it was said in a moment of madness,” said Chamisa.

According to Zimeye reports, Nelson Chamisa has initiated the ZimLOC campaign with a view to encourage preparedness especially in MDC-led councils. The initiative is also meant to ensure proactive participation of parliamentarians and increase awareness among citizens.

The ZimLOC campaign will include the following:

•Every urban centre to have a designated Covid-19 clinic or hospital.

•Each city to have a point person to specifically deal with the Corona virus.

•Appointing special committees in Councils and Parliament to provide oversight.

•Chamisa has also instructed the MDC Shadow Health Minister Dr Henry Madzorera to establish a National Command Centre which will have full time competent persons to give assistance wherever red flags are raised. The national command centre will have hotlines to be published on party platforms in due course.

•Our parliamentarians will push a motion for special appropriation specifically to fund the budgetary requirements for preparedness, including funding fixed and mobile testing stations.

The pandemic coronavirus has killed over 6, 500 people Globally, with over 340 having died in Italy yesterday alone.