Spotlight Zimbabwe reports that Mnangagwa’s resignation is a done deal and was brokerred by  former Presidential adviser and former ambassador to China, Christopher Mutsvangwa.

Many Foreign Capitals have already been Notified of Mnangagwa’s imminent departure and the immediate assumption of the Presidency by General Chiwenga.

Spotlight says Mutsvangwa played a key role in the deal as he feels that his role in the 2017 was not sufficiently recognised. Mutsvangwa is also in very good books with the Chinese and is also secretly an ally to General Chiwenga.


The army has assessed that there is a risk of Mnangagwa Allies resisting his departure. They have therefore put in place plans for the military to step in to restore order in the event of clashes between Mnangagwa Supporters and Opposition Supporters.

What Mnangagwa Will get from the Deal

– Mnangagwa wants $10 Million
– Immunity for his family
– Salary for life
– Keep his motorcade, farm and businesses

Other Issues

Mnangagwa had a gentleman’s agreement to serve only one term with Zimbabwe Army generals that he is now reneging on by wanting to contest the 2023 elections.

The Military feel that Mnangagwa is ammending the constitution to make himself more powerful and elbow out Chiwenga. In 2023 Mnangagwa plans to appoint new Vice Presidents.