Righteous Chawane had a dream marriage which ended before it started.

Chawane was 29 years when her first relationship with her boyfriend crumbled.

A year after her failed relationship, she met her childhood male friend, who once said to her that he would love to have a wife like Chawane.

The guy was very supportive to Chawane, to an extent that they started to connect. They started dating until they decided it time to commit to each other by getting married.

All was well during the wedding, preparations were done until the final day happened, Chawane and her boyfriend tied the knot.

Things turned soar after the wedding when Chawane and her husband where in Thailand for their honeymoon.

Chawane had all the excitement that day after a year of observing celibacy. The husband complained of tiredness, hunger, feeling hot due to temperature, he did not even noticed her wife’s lingerie. Chawane tolerated his husband excuses.

All broke loose when Chiwane was shouted at by her husband when they were having breakfast at their hotel in Thailand.

The honeymoon was a disaster for Chawane to a stage where they had to endure a flight of 14 hours of silence, until they reached Chawane ‘s house where they were supposed to spend the night and proceed to the in laws on the next day.

Chawane had to go with her husband on the very day they arrived from their honeymoon, because the husband had said if Chawane wanted to stay she was free stay behind, he was leaving for his parents house. Chawane had no choice but to obey her husband.

At her in laws there was no talking between husband and wife. Chawane said she was moving with her husband flow.

Chawane used to go her parents house to visit them but she did not tell them her plight, she pretended all was well.

The husband back did not communicate back when Chawane communicated with her.

She later had to tell her father in law what was happening between her and her husband. Father in law tried talking to them and his son was still sticking to his story of being tired.

Chawane’s marriage ended unexpectedly when Chawane had still hope that her husband was going to change his mind about being tired, but he ended up telling both families that he wanted out of the marriage.