ED Mnangagwa today swore in members of the tribunal who will decide if Justice Bere will be removed from the supreme court bench.

The tribunal will be chaired by retired judge Simbi Mubako.

He will be working with two other members Rekai Maphosa and Takawira Nzombe.

Justice Bere is being accused of interfering in a civil case involving ZINARA and Fremus enterprises, a firm reportedly owned by the judge’s relatives.

It is said, Bere reportedly telephoned Zinara lawyer Mr Itai Ndudzo of Mutamangira and Associates, asking him to consider settling a civil dispute pitting Zinara and Fremus Enterprises.

Bere’s relatives are co-directors of Fremus Enterprises Pvt Ltd. The judge inquired whether or not there would be possibility of payment being expedited to Fremus Pvt Ltd.

The inquiry into Judge Bere’s case is expected to commence soon