Mai TT has threatened to have Monica’s Tiny Tots company shutdown down for gossiping and spreading rumours about her behind her back

Mai TT said she has the powers to shutdown the unprofessional company that goes around parrading it’s client’s information.

This comes after Mai TT discovered that Monica was actually talking about her and comparing her to Madam Boss known also as Tyra.

Mai TT alleges that Monica is said : ” Mai Tt thinks she is special, hana kana mari, I even did her kid’s birthday for free. I don’t like her I prefer Tyra”.

Monica had approached mai Tt and offered to do Tt’s birthday decorations for free in return mai TT would market her brand.

Angry mai TT said she doesn’t want to be compared with Tyra because they’re not related and doesn’t not envy anything on Tyra.

She added that women should uplift each other not trying to destroy someone because you are jealous of her.