Gambakwe Media sources have exclusively revealed the reasons behind Pokello’s investigation by ZACC.

Pokello, who has been buying some very expensive cars , is  apparently not making her money from selling shoes!

Our Sources reveal that Pokello was implicated in the illegal export of subsidised cheap Maize to Zambia.

A whistleblower informed ZACC who then started digging into her financial affairs. ZACC discovered that Pokello has been moving huge amounts of money to Dubai. 

ZACC’s investigation into Pokello uncovered her massive assets in Dubai.

Under the maize export  scandal, Subsidised maize was bought cheaply in Zimbabwe and then illegally exported to Zambia.

Our sources said It is possible that the same Maize was then brought back into Zimbabwe for re-sale to government for a double profit.

Maize has became a very quick way of making money in Zimbabwe.

This comes after command Agriculture has totally failed and resulting in Zimbabwe needing to import maize due to massive shortages of maize meal.

Last week, Prophet Shepherd Bushiri announced that he will be selling maize to the Zimbabwe.