Tinopona Katsande, Zimbabwe radio personality and socialite, speaks about how the se_x tape she made with an ex boyfriend ruined her life and resulted in her getting fired from work.

Tino says the tape was leaked when she was at the peak of her career. She says she is still going for counselling for the trauma she experienced during that time.

Tino has opened an NGO called Speak Up, handinyarare which helps other women in similar circumstances.

Tino is also participating in the Cyber crimes Bill in which is currently under public contributions in Zimbabwe and hopes to have a separate revenge Po_rn bill.

Tino says the impact of leaked videos is huge on the victims and is leading to such results as suicides.

This is what she suggests for a woman who finds herself in this position:

  1. Immediately flag the content on all platforms such as youtube, Facebook, Twitter etc
  2. Report the case to the Police, ask for the victim friendly unit
  3. Hit the perpetrator with a civil suit

Tino concludes by thanking Mrs Nunudzai Masunda and Fadzai Chada for assisting her during her ordeal.