Shincheonji Church leader Lee Man hee, apologises over COVID-19 which has killed more than 3 500 in China.

Shincheonji has been known for its secretive nature and operating undercover.Critics say Shincheonji has an aggressive approach in recruiting its members.

Stella once joined the Shincheonji cult and that causes so many problems in her family, friends and church members.

More than half of the cases are linked to the Shincheonji Church of Jesus since the members are reportedly to be tightly packed.

Lee Man hee’s secretive church is linked to half of South Korea’s Corona virus. South Korea is the hardest place hit by the virus.

Mr Lee hee with several other church leaders could be charged for violating the disease control act and even for murder.

The founder got on his knees and apologized, “we made our best efforts.But we could not completely prevent the spread of the virus. I apologize to our citizens, said Lee Man hee.

The organization with 215 000 followers in Korea alone was founded and still run by 88 year old Lee Man hee.

Schools are not expected to reopen until the end of the spring break in April.

Outbreaks in other countries also appear to be escalating in Australia reporting the first cases of community transmissions.