There was drama in Midrand this afternoon when a young woman jumped onto the car of her boyfriend ‘s Audi A3 as he attempted to leave.

The incident happened at Waterfall corner where the two fought publicly before the situation escalated.

A security guard at the mall said the couple had been fighting at the mall before the man drove off and slammed through the boom gates.

The woman took a short cut and intercepted him at a stop sign at the back of the mall.

When the car stopped, the woman jumped onto then Bonnet while the car was still moving.

The man drove out of the mall gates for about 100m before he stopped in the middle of the road.

The woman clung onto the bonnet for more than 30 minutes while bemused shoppers took videos.

A man finally managed to convince the two to leave together and everyone was relieved that the incident ended without any loss of life.