Is Prophet Madungwe mentally ill?

REMNANT Desire of All Nations Ministries Prophet Talent Madungwe says he roasted God some beef to eat

In a recent interview he did, Madungwe claimed to have roasted beef, gave it to God and his four angels to eat.

Prophet Madungwe became popular after his claims that he is the deputy of the heavenly army who regularly visits heaven in spirit.

The Zimbabwean story with Tinashe and Ruvimbo questioned the outrageous claims by the prophet.

Ruvimbo suggested there might be two pesperctive concerning Madungwe’s gift of prophecy, either

  • He is mentally unstable, needs a serious check up and people should stop entertaining him doing interviews or,
  • He is a true prophet who has the power to speak directly with God just like Abraham or Moses did.

Ruvimbo however said, with the high number of prophets who can peform miracles like automatically entering heaven, how is it they are failing to change the economy of Zimbabwe to prove their outrageous claims.