MDC NEC member Douglas Mwonzora has been served with a final warning letter.

The letter was written by Secretary General, Charlton Hwende. Mwonzora was warned against speaking to the media and commenting on social media.

This comes as intense Infighting has brocken out in the MDC Alliance after the pending Supreme Court Judgement on the MDC leadership was leaked last week.

The Supreme Court has reportedly ruled against the MDC Alliance in their appeal in the case in which the High Court found that the MDC Constitution did not allow Morgan Tsvangirai to appoint more than one vice President.

This High Court ruling meant that Nelson Chamisa was not the legitimate person to take over after the death of Morgan Tsvangirai. 

A Supreme Court Judgement against the MDC will mean that an extraordinary congress, as ordered by the High Court, should be held after 30 days.

The processes of Holding the MDC ExtraIrdinary Congress will be directly overseen by Douglas Mwonzora, who was the Secretary General at the time.

Well placed sources within the Alliance have revealed that Mwonzora has been given $12 Million by Kuda Tagwirei to prepare for Congress. However, Mwonzora has denied these rumours as baseless accusations.

Writing on Facebook, Mwonzora said:

A desperate smear campaign has started against my person. The aim of the smear campaign is to keep the Party internally focused, divided and weak. Unfortunately the peddlers of these falsehoods do not understand the nature of our Party. To all the MDC members and supporters I want to assure you that I am not and has never been in receipt on any money from a man called Tagwirei or anyone else for that matter.

I don’t even know much about him. At any rate I am not a judge of the Supreme Court. I also notice a number of threats to my person. That is nothing new. I want to assure our MDC members that I have never and will never betray the people’s struggle. We must remember where we came from together.

There are people who yesterday beat us us up and murdered our brothers and sisters who now want to masquerade as our friends. We can not allow them to divide us. I will never kiss the hand that murdered our youngsters including Tonderai Ndira, Beta Chokururama and Godfrey Kauzani and many others for any reason whatsoever.

Our founding father Morgan Tsvangirai left us this Party so that we prosecute the people’s struggle. We welcome people join our great movement.

But we can’t allow the same people to divide us. The people of Zimbabwe are suffering and they are looking up to us to lead them to salvation. They are living in abject poverty and misery. We will fail them if we allow ourselves to be divided by enemies of democracy and progress. We will be together to the end. Victory is certain.

Mwonzora has also slammed divisive elements within the MDC Alliance.

The future of the MDC is now hinged on the outcome of the Supreme Court Judgement.

It is clear that Nelson Chamisa is now fighting for his political survival.