Gambakwe Media Sources have revealed that Rachel Jambaya was sleeping with at least 7 men while married to Mukupe.

The source said Mukupe paid Lobola in Gweru late last year ( December or January 2019) just before the baby was born.

Rachel was was living with George Nehanda before she married Mukupe as confirmed by Nehanda himself.

Our source say that during the time she was married to Mukupe, she had 6 other partners besides Mukupe.

A source told us that Rachel managed to keep all these men ‘stupid’ using traditional medicines.

Some of the men that Rachel reportedly sleeping with are:

1. 2 Guys that I can not name

3. George Nehanda
4. Chinhara
5. Farai Jere
6. She was sleeping with former Minister Paul Chimedza ( G40)
7. Add Mukupe


George Nehanda says the child that Mukupe is claiming as his is actually his child. Our source confirms that the indeed Mukupe is not the father of the child and he should do a DNA Test.

Nehanda says the child was born when he was still living with Rachel and Rachel ran away with the baby.

The name of the child was changed from Tadiwa Shylet to Scarlet and was illegally brought into Zimbabwe.

Rachel Responds

Rachel this evening responded on Instagram by saying she is and was never married to Mukupe. She said Mukupe must move on.

Rachel’s Family

Rachel was opharned when she was young and was raised by her grandmother in Gweru. The question is who issued the statement earlier today.


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