Queen Tatelicuous, the Queen of truth blasted Loraine guyo for a birthday party flop which had an extreme low turnout leaving her in huge debts.

Tatelious said Lorraine should not put herself at a level she doesn’t belong because she is nothing worth to be celebrated.

Tate added that Guyo should also choose her company wisely and stop chasing around people like Madam Boss who don’t add value into her life because one way or the other she will end up like her.

Madam boss Team was responsible for having Lorraine host her party at Rainbow towers a place she could not afford during the weekend.

Lorraine Booked Rainbow Towers which hold about 7000 people and she planned on Charging the $10USD a head which would be enough to pay for the booking and she would have extra money left. The Show was a flop with low attendance.

The queen of truth questioned why someone with debts and bills would want to have an extravagant party she cannot afford.