Opposition MDC leader Nelson Chamisa has all but dumped foreign -mediated talks nemesis, President Emmerson Mnangagwa, preferring a home grown solution to the current economic and political crisis in the country.

Former South African President Thabo Mbeki was in the country in December to nudge Mnangagwa and Chamisa into an inclusive dialogue and had promised to be back in three weeks but has not returned to date.

“We are there to solve our own problems, we have the answers to our problems, we can’t have South Africa solving our problems, it has its own problems to take care of,” said Chamisa, who had earlier warmed up to Mbeki mediation efforts.

He added that, “Americans can’t have a solution for this country as it has its domestic problems to solve. We can’t out-source solutions for this country. I have heard people talking of President Mbeki saying this and that. We should solve our own problems.

But the MDC Youths yesterday said the time was now ripe to fight Mnangagwa’s government for implementing unpopular policies that were causing untold suffering to the people of Zimbabwe.