An unnamed prophet has given a chilling prophecy about the period from 26th of February up to 19 April in one of the Southern African country which is believed to be Zimbabwe.

The prophet said the country which experience war is in Southern Africa, it starts with a Z and recently its new local currency however the currency is undergoing serious hyper inflation.

The prophet said there is a group of militants who have undergone military training being sponsored by the rich in a bid to facilitate a coup on the ruling government because of its failure to run the affairs of the country.

The prophet said there will be a war as the military will fight against the militants however some members of the army who are tired of the government will join the militants to topple the government.

The army that will remain loyal to the government will perish during the short war with a number of things including the economy being totally destroyed.

Moreover, the main political opposition party under the leadership of N. C will be endorsed by the leaders of the coup as the President because he has the funds to revive the economy.

N.C has the support of the western community which puts him at an advantaged position of becoming president.

The prophet also said that during the war there will be people who will try to push the evil agenda of inciting tribal violence therefore people should pray against tribal violence.

He urged the nation as a whole to pray for the protection of civilians during the phase of war.

The day of independence celebration which is the 18th of April will mark the end of suffering as the oppressing government will be toppled.

People who will survive will see the dawn of the new era and new life.

The prophet urged the nation as a whole to pray for the right person to ascend to power only then will the country be freed.