Job Sikhala explains that the culture of cultism must be condemened and has no place in the MDC.

However, he said he has no question about the leadership of nelson Chamisa.

Job Sikhala has accused the Zimbabwe Military Intelligence of trying to sow division between him and Chamisa.

This comes after Job Sikhala has been rumoured to be having ambitions seize power in MDC by removing Chamisa.

Many Job Sikhala as being better placed to lead MDC than Chamisa because he has a militant anc active attitude towards confronting the Zanu Pf regime.

Job Sikhala denied these allegations and said they where fruits of division sowed by Zimbabwe Millitary Intelligence to divide him and Chamisa thus destroying the party.

He was speaking in an exclusive interview with Blessed Mhlanga of Newsday.

Sikhala said he fully support Nelson Chamisa and he is also a brother since they come from the same village.