59 years old Zimbabwean Billionaire, Strive Masiyiwa says Africa has over 1 million young people are turning 18 years every month and coming Into the job market.

Masiyiwa says the challenge for Africa is to overhaul the economies which are currently reliant on resources. The new challenge is job creation, and young people need to create these jobs through entrepreneurship.

Masiyiwa was speaking LIVE from #MIGlobal.

Masiyiwa says he uses Facebook to engage with his followers. Masiyiwa said he has 4.3 Million people in his entrepreneurial network of which 2 Million are in Nigeria.

There is a lot of opportunity to train young people to be entrepreneurs.

Inside his business, he said he started to build Fibre from Cape to Cairo and its completed and is on the way to complete Red Sea to the Atlantic through the Congo forest.


Masiyiwa said he got funding from the UK , SA, Singapore and the Middle East. They are building data centers and companies liker Microsoft Microsoft is coming to these data centers.

Digial Economy

Mobile money built by Network operation is one of the areas where he is investing in.


French speaking Africa has a common currency. Blcokchain and Cryptocurreny are the future.


There is an opportunity for investors to come and help. Masiyiwa ‘s group is rolling out South Africa’s first 5G Network and there is an opportunity for investors to come and join in.


The is a steady stream of investors coming to Africa. However, Africa needs more introduction in the middle East. Many of the Middle Eastern Families are involved with the first networks.

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We are doing business in 29 Countries and we want to get into all of them before he gets he is 70 ( In 11 years time)