Nelson Chamisa president of MDC-A said the old ruling regime must pass the button to the new fresh minds arising in the political arena with distinguished ideas.

In an interview with Sizwe Mpofu of SNWX, Chamisa hinted that his 2020 Agenda distinguishes his party from that of Zanu-pf because it focuses mainly on fighting for change rather than merely talking without action on the ground.

The party has in most cases taken to the international community to ask for their intervention in terms of food aide due to serious economic backlash the country is facing.

Chamisa said it takes courage to be Zimbabweans because zimbabweans literally have nothing besides the Bond note which he reffered to as tissue paper money hence there is need for economic reforms.

He also hinted that in the 2020 agenda there is a fight in defense of the Constitution which is meant to stop ED Mnangagwa from imposing constitutional ammendments he gazetted in December last year.

The constitutional ammendments give Mnangagwa authoritarian power to do anything he deems necessary which may be to create an imperial government.

The 27 proposed constitutional amendments include the proposed removal of the Presidential running mate clause, increase in the number of non-parliamentary appointed Cabinet Ministers and extension of the women’s quota beyond the 2023 elections. Increase number of years of judges up to 75years above the expected age of retirement.

Chamisa also asked the African National Congress to help fight the black apartheid in Zimbabwe which continues to devastate life of the poor Zimbabweans for their own benefit.

Zimbabweans are already experiencing hell on earth because of poor leadership therefore it is necessary for the ageing political leaders to open up for the young to take over.

Chamisa also highlighted that Africans should unite for a common cause , stop hatred and violence against each other. This comes in light of the Xenophobic violence in South Africa.